DBZ Yaoi Contests

The Official DBZ Yaoi Contests

We reached out, received feedback, and have decided to test this crazy idea out! We hope you guys will join in and interact with us. We’re deciding an easier way to make this contest as fair as possible, while also giving all the artists recognition for their hard work.

We want to grow the DBZ Yaoi artwork field and expand the limits that are possible! And we will do it with every vote and every artist who will pitch in and help! ^-^

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I’m sorry, but DBZ Yaoi Contests won’t be happening…..

Due to Changetip closing down the PayPal withdraw option, we are not able to support this idea.

We’re sorry 🙁 We really wanted this idea to take off and grow the DBZ Yaoi community, but alas, until a new payment method comes up, we can not support this any further.

You may read on if you’d like to start an idea similar to this. Feel free to contact us if you have questions.

Why join a contest?

Recognition: We’ve received [slimstat f=’count-all’ w=’id’]strtotime equals now&&&interval_direction equals minus&&&interval_month equals 1[/slimstat] viewers on this site just this month alone! The is excluding our Tumblr and sister site GotenBoner. You’ll get an honorable mention, and backlink to encourage viewers to follow your tumblr!
Prizes: We’ll be rewarding money to the winner of the contests and a smaller tip* to the participating artists. Read the rules below for more details.

How to enter a DBZ Yaoi contest
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First off, we need to vote on what character(s) to do for the first contest!

You can do that here, select up to 3 characters.

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Simplified Contest Rules

  • Enter a Contest
    • You need to enter the contest properly to be valid
    • Every artist who enters a contest will receive recognition for their artwork.
      • This includes a “Follow %ArtistName% on Tumblr”
    • You can enter the contests no matter what country you’re from.
    • No entries after the Deadline will be accept.
  • Rewards
    • There will only be one winner for money reward via changetip.
      • Other artists will receive a smaller tip via changetip for entry into the contest if they are valid entries.
    • All money rewards will be given via Changetip.
  • Voting
    • Only 1 IP address per vote.
    • You may share the contest page with your followers to increase the chances of your character or artwork winning. For those who are less popular, this is a good thing! It means your artwork has an equal chance of being viewed from the same page.

More Detailed Contest Rules

Here is what we came up with for the contest..

  • There will be one winner chosen until more funds are made, donated, or otherwise put into the general fund for these contests. If it runs out, then there won’t be a reward in money, but recognition will still be given at all times. The value of the money reward will be stated on each contest and may be different for every contest.
  • There will be a minimum money reward for every artist. It may be very small in value. It will depend on how much money is in the “TipJar” to be handed down to winners.
  • Artists can be international (from any country) as long as they can understand and type English.
  • Every artist will get a “Follow” link their entries. Meaning you get a backlink to your profile for all viewers and voters. If you don’t win the contest, you may still get new followers and publicity. That’s something you can’t buy. Please consider this even if you don’t win.
  • Artists are free to join a contest, and not join the next contest if they want. They can also join every contest. There aren’t limits on which ones you can or can not join.
  • Entry into the contest is very simple. Make a post on your tumblr with the appropriate hashtag for that contest. When contest deadline has been reached, we’ll display all artwork with that hashtag on this page below for the voting process. There will be no entries accepted past the deadline. Every entry must include a link back to this page so viewers can view the other entries for the contest.
  • Voting process will be done by readers and viewers on this page below for both the contest idea, and the artwork voting. 1 entry per IP address. Once voted, you may not change your vote unless you contact
  • Rewards for money will be given via ChangeTip. You will receive the money in full amount to your changetip wallet. You can send that tip to another artist, pay for commissions for artist who accept changetip (just ask them), give back to the “TipJar” for future contests, withdraw to your PayPal (Fees may apply), withdraw to your Checking account directly (if it supports your bank), make an e-gift card for major sites.

What is the “TipJar”?

The TipJar is a fund we’ve created for these contests. It’s a dedicated fund we’ll use to reward artist.

You can give to this TipJar by simply tipping us on changetip and we’ll use it directly for the contest.