##Update – We have added new artists but forgot to update the changelog to reflect the new artists. Please take a look at the Artists gallery page to see the new artists. We will try to keep this page updated in the future. Apologizes! ~09/27/2016


Added Ukevegeta13 to our Artists Gallery!


Added Mr-Sen & The Behemoth to our Artists Gallery!


Added Kenneth-00 to our Artists Gallery!


Removed the Community Section for discussion of DBZ Yaoi


Added the Community Section for discussion of DBZ Yaoi


Switched from Custom code to WordPress
Made tweaks to Cloudflare to enhance responsiveness from the server and to increase the speed photos are delivered.


Added Cowcat44 to our Artist list
Fixed the Tumblr share buttons. It works again!
Changed the Source #ID to Source “name of image”; so that artists can put creative names to describe the image instead of a boring ID number.


Removed Rutobuka by request from her. We are happy she allowed us to display her artwork while we could 🙂 Thank you Rutobuka! We love you and always will!
We are reaching out to another artist and hope to soon add her artwork to the site! It’s gonna be awesome when it happens ^_^ Stay tuned!


Added Grelx Bayart to the Artist list
The artist list now syncs with the database instead of being statically loaded


Fixed the Tumblr Share button. It couldn’t use the https protocol, so switched it to http.


Added SG2Tiger to the Artist list
Made it possible to add alternative sources to individual images as exception to the “whole artist” source.
Changed columns in the database and shrunk it 2x the size by changing the columns
Preparing sections for Android 17 and Piccolo
Changed the “rel” of the source links to “author” so Google will recognize the photos origin
Added Tumblr buttons for one-click posting to Tumblr along with source link auto mentioned
Optimized the images, making them 1/2 the size, making them load 2x as fast!


Added Rutobuka to the Artist list
Temporarily removed other artwork until we receive word back from the artists. Shouldn’t take too awful long
Fixed a couple of bugs in the database
Recoded the select commands from the MYSQL to pull results quicker
Cleared cache and refreshed the images thumbnails


Added “Source” to the photos and also changed the coding
Made a database based on MYSQL; meaning we can now organize sources, artists, and photos into categories
Made “Changelog” & “FAQs” pages
Removed Juicyads advertisements
Tweaked the CDN settings to SPYDY